Pet Master Free Spin 2021

Pet Master Free Spin

Pet Master Free Spin

This helps you how you can play Pet Master Free Spin easy manner. Pet Master Free Spin Links allows you to free Spins and coins daily. Pet Master Free Spin follow everything like Coin Master free Spins. there is not only one way to take free spins from Pet master Free Spin. Pet Master Free Spin in genuine  game you need to follow allow steps like Coin Master Free Spins. Pet Master Free Spin links are tested and safe to use.

Pet Master Free Spins and Coins link Daily:

you need to check Pet master Free Spin offer you free spins and coins link on various platform we provide you direct links to you you need to just save our site Pet Master Free Spins and Coins link. you need to claim pet master free spin before they will expire.

Pet Master Free Spin Validity:

Pet Master Free Spin is available up to 3 days. after 3 days offer ends and you are unable to collect spins from link. in Pet Master Free Spins you can collect spins from one link to one time. if try to collect spins again it says you are already collected Pet Master Free Spin already. Pet Master Free Spins link work only for limited time offer. after long time it shows offer ended.

Pet Master Free Spins and Coins Link :

you will collect 5 Spins every hour. 50 Spins you will get in 10 hours. as per your village level you will get rewards. every friend send you 1 spin and some coins everyday which is free. if you need lots of amount you can play various events and tournaments.

Pet Master Free Spins Raid:

During raid there are 3 safes available . there are randomly 2 safes are empty and 1 safe contain Free Spins and Coins. Raid allows you to open any one safe its depend on your luck. if your luck is great you will get spins or coins or chest in safe. if you have no luck you will get empty safe.

Pet Master Free Spins Free Deals:

Pet Master Developer provide you treasure island which allow user to buy Coins , Spins And XP. three types of chests where you can buy cards to complete sets. Sometimes pet master provide you some extra rewards which is free to claim .

Pet Master Free Spin

Invite Friends and get Reward:

Pet Master Give you feature to invite friends on pet master game. every invite you will get 90+ Spins. first time joiner friend will give you rewards. if friend already invited by any other person friend will be joined but you can’t get any Spins. 250 friend invite limit is working .means if you invite 250 friends and they joined already after 250 friend invitation you will not get any extra spin reward. you will blocked by pet master friend invitation program.

Dice Feature is Available in Pet Master:

you have dice feature available to progress the game . you have 6 dice available. there are various steps available for every dice play. when you play dice which number comes your pet will forward steps. there are various rewards Spins , Coins and Chest available on every steps. if you land on spins step you will get Spins reward. if you land on Coins you will get coins. if you land on Chest box you will get Spins and Cards. After dice Finish you need to some time for getting dice again then you will play again.

Best way to Collect Spins is Complete Card Sets:

in pet master there are lots of Card Sets Available to complete. every set completion gives you spins and XP. every set contain 9 cards you need to complete all cards to get spins. Card Set is most important feature to collect spins. How Card Sets open. when you are up village you will get set feature you need to up villages and set will be open. then you can complete after collecting cards.

Pet Master Events and Tournaments:

Pet master provide you various Events and tournaments. Pet Master events allowed various events to collect free spins and coins. pet master allows you free spins and coins everyday. pet master event consist of various events.

Slot Machine:

there are various type of elements available in Pet Master Slot Machine. they are Raid , Attack ,Spins ,Bag of Coins, Shields , 3 Attack Group, Coins .


when we play Slot machine spin if you get 3 Raid symbol in middle you will get raid on enemies village . there are three types of Safes available in Slot machine 2 safes are empty and one safe is containing reward. its on your luck if you have no luck you will not getting anything from safe.

2.Single Attack:

when we play Slot machine spin if you get 3 attack symbol in middle you will get attack on enemies village . in enemy village you can attack on enemies base ones .attack will successful or blocked by shield.


when we play Slot machine spin if you get 3 Spin symbol in middle you will get more Spins as per your slot machine bet.

4.Bag Of Coins:

when we play Slot machine. if you get 3 Coin of bag symbol in middle you will get more Coins reward as per your slot machine bet.


when we play Slot machine. if you get 3 Shield symbol in middle you will get shields to protect our village from enemy attacks.

Game provide you various feature. pet master allows you to play game in exciting manner. Game provide you event and tournament combination for some hours. if you complete points you have chance to reach 1st position in leaderboard. there all lots of check points to reach final destination to reach 1st position in leaderboard .after completion tournament you will get Spin Reward or Gold Card.

if you complete tournaments at 1st position there are 1.5k Spins and Chest Box and Card box available to first 3 winners in tournaments. rewards are available up to 1st to 10th position in tournaments. lots of future available in game everyday.

Check Pet Master Free Spin Fb Page for future help.

Pet Master Free Spin

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